Our Patriot Ancestors

Each of the men and women listed below assisted the cause of freedom during the American Revolutionary War. Some of them served in the military, served as public officials, signed oaths of loyalty to the new government, and donated supplies to help the armed forces. The Patriots listed here are the ancestors of members of the Rincon del Diablo Chapter, NSDAR. We honor their service and keep their memories alive.

Patriots are grouped by the state of service and then listed alphabetically by last name. Scroll down to see whether you share an ancestor with one of our members. We hope these names help others in their quest to prove family lineage and their application to the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.


Samuel Andrews, Pvt, PS
James Armstrong, Pvt
Jacob Bartholomew, CS
Jabez Beebe, Capt
Ebenezer Burgess, CS
Hubbard Daniel Burroughs, Jr.
Jonathan Chapman, Pvt
Ezra Dowd, PS
Benajah Geer, Pvt
Abraham Gould, LCol
Asa Hart, Pvt
Joshua Hempstead, Sr., PS
William Hempstead, Cpl
Lazarus House, Pvt
William House, PS
David Jennings, Pvt
John Lay, Jr., Cpl
John Lay, Sr., CS, PS
Milo Lee, PS
Gershom Lyon, CS
Josiah Mack, Pvt
Noah Monroe, Sol
Othniel Moses, Pvt
Jacob Munsell, PS
Silas Munsell, Pvt
John Munson, CS, PS
Henry Shepard, Pvt
Ephraim Smedley, Jr., CS, PS
David Strong, Ens
Ichabod Tuttle, Pvt
Jacob Ward, Pvt
Jonathan Webster, PS
Eli Whaples, Cpl
Isaac Wheeler, Sr., Lt


George Mccullough, PS


Nathan Bowen, Pvt
Lemuel Crowell, Pvt
Nathaniel Delano, PS
Jonathan Dustin, Pvt
Ebenezer Eldredge, Pvt
Peter Emerson, Pvt
James Fisk, Pvt
John Flint, Sr., Capt
Ebenezer Forrest, Pvt
John Garfield, Pvt
Samuel Goodhue, Slr
Ichabod Hanson, Lt
Jonas Hazeltine, Pvt
John Heald, Jr., CS
Benjamin Herring, Sr., CS
Reubin Higgins, Capt
William Hoogs, CS, PS
Salmon Kentfield, Pvt
Henry Leland, Sr., Capt
Joseph Lewis, CS, PS
Josiah Locke, Sol
Eli Longley, Pvt
Robert Longley, LCol
Timothy Patch, Pvt
Abial Pierce, Capt
Daniel Pike, Lt
Esek Potter, Pvt
Elisha Remington, Pvt
Jonathan Rich, Pvt
Obadiah Rich, CS
William Richardson, CS
David Rugg, Pvt
Simeon Shurtleff, Lt
Simeon Spalding, Col, PS
Ebenezer Stevens, LCol, PS
Josiah Stone, Pvt
Asa Stratton, Pvt
Elias Taylor, Sr., Pvt
John Wheelock, Drm
Paul Whitcomb, Lt
Prince Winslow, Sgt
John Woodward, Pvt
Eliphaz Wright, Sgt
Phineas Wright, Col


Ledstone Smallwood Cooksey, Sol
Robert Dwiggins, Lt, PS
Samuel Filson, Sgt
Charles Hill, Pvt
Basil Low, Cpl
Henry Matthews, Lt, PS
Jacob Matthews, PS
Nathan Offutt, Cpl, PS
Richard Owings, Capt
Daniel Shelor, Capt
Samuel Swearingen, Capt, PS


North Carolina
Ica Atkins, Jr., Sol, PS
Ica Atkins, Sr., CS, PS
Lewis Barge, Sol, PS
Hugh Barr, Pvt
Samuel Baylies, PS
William Berryhill, Lt
Thomas Osborn Black, PS
Marshall Bowman, Pvt
Thomas Callaway, Sr., PS
Landon Carter, Capt
David Clark, CS
Gilbert Clark, Sol
William Crowson, Pvt
Andrew Culbertson, PS
Samuel Dalton, PS
James Davis, PS
Michael Duskin, PS
Thomas Easterling, PS
Graves Eaves, PS
Samuel Espy, Capt
John Evans, Sol
Andrew Ewing, PS
Andrew Foutz, PS
Michael Foutz, PS
John Griffith, Pvt
William Haggard, Pvt
Isham Hendon, PS
James Hogan, PS

North Carolina (continued)
Howell Lewis, CS
William Maxwell, Pvt
James Mcdonald, Pvt
John Melugin, Pvt, PS
Matthew Moore, CS, PS
William Nodding, CS
Thomas Privett, PS
Ishmael Raines, PS
Lawrence Raines, PS
Jesse Ray, Noncom
John Michael Smithpeter, Pvt, PS
Burwell Spence, Pvt
Peter Stoner, Pvt
Moses Teague, PS
Peter Watts, Pvt
Richard Wright, Sr., PS
Semore York, PS


New Hampshire
Jesse Annis, PS
Moses Avery, Pvt
Jeremiah Bean, PS
Jonathan Bean, Pvt
Nathaniel Bingham, Pvt, CS, PS
William Calef, PS
Daniel Cass, PS
Moses Coffin, PS
Edmund Eastman, Sr., PS
Edmund Eastman, Jr., Pvt
Moses Gilman, Cpl
Andrew Kimball, Pvt
Simeon Lakin, Pvt
Jacob Merrill, CS, PS
William Morrison, PS
Enoch Noyes, PS
Henry Rumrill, PS
Michael Sargent, Sol, PS
Samuel Terrell, PS
Henry Tibbetts, Pvt
Samuel Wyatt, PS


New Jersey
Uzal Ball, Pvt
Daniel Bebout, Pvt
Thomas Brink, Ens
Thomas Dodd, Pvt
John Ely, PS
George Ewing, Ens
John Hall, Lt
George Howland, Sol
John Matthews, PS
Stephen Munson, Capt, PS
Samuel Preston, Ens
Thaddeus Smith, Pvt
John Tappan, Cpl
Abraham Waglom, Pvt


New York
Daniel Bull, Pvt
Preserved Greenman, Pvt
Joseph Haven, Sgt
William Helm, Pvt
Petrus Lefevre, Sol
James Livingston, Col
Philip Livingston, PS, SDI
Johannes Mabie, Cpl
David Morse, Pvt
Johannes Rorebaugh, Pvt
Philip Schuyler, MGen
Abner Tremain, Pvt
James Winchell, Sgt
Daniel Young, Pvt


Daniel Althouse, Pvt
Henry Arner, Sol
Nicholas Beaver, Pvt
Paul Bowersox, Pvt, PS
George Bowman, Pvt
Robert Brownfield, Jr., Pvt
David Calhoun, Pvt
William Cloyd, Pvt
Robert Commons, PS
Henry Crabb, Pvt
James Crawford, Maj
Barnett Cunningham, Pvt
Amos Davis, PS
Susannah Bishop Davis, PS
James Dunn, Pvt, PS
John Emerick, PS
Robert Estep, Pvt
Elias Eyster, Pvt
John Henry Frankenfield, PS
James Frost, Pvt, PS
Adam German, Pvt
Jacob Hagey, Pvt
Daniel Harrar, Pvt
Mathew Hartford, Pvt, PS
John Hench, Jr., Lt
Benjamin Holt, PS
Isaac Hough, Sol
Conrad Keck, Pvt
Patrick Kilgore, Pvt
Abraham Kratz, Pvt
John Mclean, Pvt
Philip Nye, Sol
Peter Overshiner, Pvt, PS
Alexander Ramsay, PS
Daniel Reiff, Capt, PS
John Rewalt, Capt, PS
Henry Rhodes, Capt
Henry Rhodes, Pvt
Zachariah Rice, Pvt, PS
Robert Ricketts, Pvt
John Ritchie, Pvt, PS
Henry Rosen, Pvt
Thomas Ross, Pvt
John Sailor, Pvt
Adam Sands, Pvt
John Santee, Pvt
Adam Smith, Ens
John Stevenson, Pvt
Benjamin Walker, Pvt
Conrad Weary, Pvt
Gottlieb Weida, PS
Johann Bernhard Wolfe, Pvt, PS
Michael Yohe, Pvt

Rhode Island
Silas Jones, Pvt
John Kenyon, Jr., Pvt
John Kenyon, Sr., PS
Stephen Maxson, Noncom
Peleg Saunders, Pvt
Benjamin Stafford, Pvt


South Carolina
John Brooks, Pvt
Thomas Crosby, Pvt, CS, PS
Richard Curtis, CS
John Ellis, CS
Thomas Hawkins, Pvt
William Magaw, Capt
Arthur Parr, Sgt, PS
John Peebles, Sol
Andrew Pickens, BGen
John Reed, Pvt
Hezekiah West, Pvt


Benjamin Butterfield, PS
Isaac Morgan, CS, PS
Samuel Paine, Pvt
Solomon Strong, Jr., Pvt
Solomon Strong, Sr., Pvt, CS
Judah Swift, Sol


Richard Clough Anderson, LCol
James Ashlock, Pvt
John Back, Pvt
Mary Bacon, PS
George Barnes, Pvt
James Biscoe, StaffOf
Reuben Bonner, Pvt
John Boyle, Capt
Joseph Butler, PS
Samuel Caldwell, PS
John Chastain, PS
John Cleveland, Pvt
Elizabeth Bridgewater Conway, PS
John Conway, PS
Joseph Conway, PS
Solomon Draper, Jr., PS
Solomon Draper, Sr., CS
John Duke, PS
Samuel Edmondson, PS
Robert Elder, Pvt
Adam Fisher, PS
James Fulton, Lt
Arthur Galbraith, CS
Ambrose Garrett, Sol
James Givens, Sr., PS
William Gordon, SgM
James Hamner, CS
Judith Harris, PS
Frederick Heviner, PS
Lazarus Hitt, PS
George Hottel, PS
John Hughes, Capt
Josiah Jackson, Pvt, PS
Swepson Jefferey, PS
John Jeffery, PS
Henry Jeter, Lt
Thomas Joplin, Jr., CS, PS
Thomas Joplin, Sr., PS
Michael Kern, PS
Lodowick Jones Major, PS
Thomas Marshall, Sr., Col, CS
Joseph Martin, LCol, CS, PS
Benjamin Mays, Pvt
John Mccorkle, Ens
Eneas Mcdaniel, PS
Robert Mcfarland, Lt
Daniel Neal, Pvt
John Owsley, Pvt
John Parker, Pvt
John Pasteur, Capt, PS
Jacob Pennypacker, Sol
Samuel Pickerill, Noncom
Joseph Shores Price, PS
William Price, PS
Peter Priest, Pvt
Little Page Proctor, Pvt, PS
James Ramey, PS
John Reed, PS
David Rice, PS
Thomas Ship, Capt, PS
James Stevens, CS, PS
James Sudduth, PS
Joseph Taylor, Pvt PS
Micajah Terrell, PS
William Traylor, Sr., PS
James Trimble, PS
John Turner, Lt, PS
Shadrack Turner, PS
Henry Weiser, Sgt
Joseph Yaden, Noncom



BGen - Brigadier General, Capt - Captain, Col - Colonel, Cpl - Corporal, CS - Civil Service, Drm - Drummer, Ens - Ensign, LCol - Lieutenant-Colonel, Lt - Lieutenant, Maj - Major, MGen - Major General, Noncom - Non-Commissioned Officer, PS - Patriotic Service, Pvt - Private, SDI - Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Sgt - Sergeant, SgM - Sergeant Major, Slr - Sailor, Sol - Soldier, Staff Of - Staff Officer.


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